*LiFe StOriEs*


*ArT cLaSs*
*LiFe StOriEs*
*My FaVoRiTe ThiNGs*
*My LoCkEr*
*bAcK iN tHe DaY*

(Most of the stories that you are going to read are made up... they are not real!! They are made up in my mind when I am really board, there ARE reasons for them and if you read very carfully you just mighe be able to figure out who they are about!)


Tin Tin(a girl) went to a pool party once, she didn't know to many people there and decided to stick with her friends. About half way through the swim a REALLY HOT lifeguard came out to well..... lifeguard. Tin Tin was really excited, she told her friends what she thought of the lifeguard... lets just call him Jonathan. Her friends laughed at her and said she was dumb for saying that he was hot! In Tin Tin's mind she knew what she had to do, she had to go up to Jonathan and talk to him. Tin Tin is a kind of shy girl so it took her about 30 min to get up the courage. When she felt she was ready Jonathan was up on the REALLY HIGH jump thing, it was like 25 meters up. There wern't any kids up there so Tin Tin decided that this was her best chance. She climbed up the ladder and started to flurt with Jonathat... like hard core. They made their way back down the stairs and into the little life guard hutt, there they.... well I think you can guess what they did... there was also a trampoleen in the little hutt FUN FUN!!!


When I grow up I'm going to move to Brittish Columbia with my boyfriend (Muffin) we are going to live on a strawberry farm. In the summer we will pick and grow our strawberries, and in the winter I'm going to work at a strip club! We are going to live next to a really great ski hill and we are going to snowboard every day in the winter (when i'm up on stage dancin') Muffin is going to sit at home and drink beer in his chair and eat lots of chips. He is going to have a little fridge next to his chair full of beer so he doesn't even have to move. I'm going to have an affair with a really hot snowboarding guy and eventually laeve Muffin. I'm going to become a female pimp and move to LA where I'm going to pimp all the little hoes.


So I was sitting on the steps that lead to the doors of SJA High School with my good buddy Canoe Canada. We were talking about a little hoe bitch who we both don't like (lets call her Freak) Freak is the kind of girl who thinks she is cool cause she is all messed up and stuff, she is like "Yeah I'm cool cause I have all my little freak friends and I smoke and I'm all bad. I like to cut myself and pertend to be all messed up to get attention" Well the messed up thing IS true. Anyway we were talking about Freak when I spotted her comming up the stairs..... WAIT!! I'm sounding really mean right now... let me explain something, this girl did something to me... well not to me but something that affected my life and well pissed me off. (not getting into it) Well I saw her and I just couldn't let her pass without me saying something so I yelled at the top of my lungs HOE BITCH!!! She was freaked cause she knows I'd kick her little skank butt if she said something. Now every time I see her I bark at her... what a slut
PS (the thing she did has to do with slutting it up)

*StOrY Of ThE WeEk*


Whetie and Germ are really good friends... actully they work together, they fight crime and so on. One day they were in the Halifax Shopping Center (a place where they go a lot) when suddenly they niticed that something wasn't reght. They pulled out their guns by butting both their hands together in the "gun form". They ran from post to post stocking the OLD man who looked like he was going to cause some trouble.... you know thoes 90 year old men(I'm not even jocking 90!! well maybe more like 70 but still you get the picture) any way they went around and followed this guy for like and hour, but than they lost him and decided to follow a really good looking 20 year old guy..... NICE!!
Hey you never know he could have triped and hurt him self, and I mean if Whetie and Germ worn't there to help him he'd be all hurt and stuff. heeheehee


So here's how it all went down.... I was out late one night chilling with some of the girls, kind of like a girls night out. We got all dressed up and decided to go and get into some of the clubs down town (we've got connections) Anyway, we were at this one club "The Spangeler" it's a great little place, live music and lots of dancing. After being on the dance floor for about 2 hours I started to get a little tired, I went over to the bar to get a drink when something cought my attention.... no not something.. someone, it was my X boyfriend Ray..... we had a good relationship when we were toghther, but I must say the break up was hard...... It was full of well not nice words, and actions.... See Ray was/is kind of a player, I new that at the time we went out but didn't care and didn't think it would happen to me, I mean he loved me he wanted to be with me.... not so... he wanted more to be with Nicole..... yup Nicole.... Anyway that was all in the past, it happened like a year ago.....
Well that night at the bar I saw him I couldn't take my eyes off of him... he was so mean, so hurtful, but I didn't care, I still loved him.. I walked slowly over to him the whole thime saying to myslef (self.... your sooo dumb) well we started talking, it was like old times.. he invited me back to his place and well...... I went how couldn't I, I mean it's Ray!!!!! the next morning I woke up with a BIG hangover and a hand written note on the pillow next to my head saying....... "You'll never learn will you.... until next time"